Eric Marclay

The Strategic Advisor "Alone we go fast, together we go far"
Active listener and facilitator, Eric is fundamentally people-centered, promoting an inclusive and innovative dialogue, creating synergies between people and value for your organization.

With a broad international career, Eric led complex multidisciplinary operations and large multicultural teams in the Middle East, Africa, from Switzerland. Operating in conflicting environments, with major political, operational and human challenges, his eclectic background allowed him to mature strategic visions, acquire solid operational skills, empower gender-sensitive teams, and build networks of influential interlocutors.

Professional background 

Swiss Federal Dpt. of Foreign Affairs, since 2018
Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Affairs

Geneva Centre for Security Policy, 2016 – 2018
Executive in Residence

International Committee of the Red Cross, 1991 – 2016
Regional Director – East Africa
Deputy Director – Middle East & North Africa
Head of delegation, assignments in the Middle East and Africa

Academic background 

Corporate Social Responsibility (GSEM, 2017)
Project Management (IPMA, 2017)
Internal Audit (HEG, 2016)
M.A. Political Science & Int’l Law (UQAM, 2006)

Key competencies

Critical analysis and cognitive flexibility: Politically astute, wide-range experience in analysing multilayer trends and settings, integrating the impact on people and policies, translating it into meaningful responses.

Strategic leadership and operational guidance: Deep-rooted entrepreneurship, capacity to project visions, design strategic orientations, craft realistic objectives. Incisive decision-maker, promoting pragmatic solutions.

People management and emotional intelligence: People-centred, team-player, gender and multicultural sensitive, promoting empowerment and fostering collective intelligence to create conducive synergies.

Stakeholder management and communication: Convinced by impactful partnerships, proven success in developing networks, leading sensitive negotiations and positioning the organization in the public domain.

Organisational and change management: Strong practise in managing complex projects of transformational nature, transversal and innovative approaches while building on best practices.

Risk management and accountability: Extensive practice in risks analysis and management, ensuring corporate security and business continuity, management of crisis. (i.e. conflict, hostages, fraud).

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