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We are a « one of a kind » boutique firm based at the heart of the international Geneva. Our unique brand and reputation stems from building bridges between the private, public, philanthropic and international sectors. We provide and identify talents across sectors thanks to a very international and large network of talents, and proactively co-create value with our Clients.

Our unique competitive advantage lies in our international network and our varied experience in the private and humanitarian sectors. Our extensive international network reaches out to the key stakeholders of all these worlds.

In today’s highly volatile and competitive context, our goal is to actively contribute in connecting different economic and social actors, who rarely communicate and urgently need to collaborate, by helping companies and institutions achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Areas of expertise

We are committed to combining and balancing genders and generations with your existing teams. Since 2009, our boutique firm has specialized in the following sectors:


NGOs and foundations
International Organizations
Cooperation and development institutions
Public and semi-public institutions.

Private sector

SME & start-ups
Family & Multi-Family Offices.

In all sectors, we have strong expertise in the following areas:

Human Resources & Talent Management
Communication & Public Relations
Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Operational, Project & Team Management
Legal Services.


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